Top Three Ideas For A Fun Holiday Themed Bachelorette Party

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Are you in charge of organizing a bachelorette party during the holidays? Finding a great theme for the party might not be easy, especially when everyone is busy preparing for Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Go over the following article for some fun and original ideas for a great Holiday themed Bachelorette party.


Maybe You Are A Oenophilia?

Is the bride to be a wine connoisseur? You should have her Bachelorette party at a winery. This is a great choice if the bride to be and her friends enjoy epicurean delights. This could be a great occasion to learn everything there is to know about wine-making and wine-tasting. You could for instance organize a wine tasting party where guests are blind folded and have to guess as many things as possible about the wine they are tasting. Make sure you provide the winner with a fun prize, such as a gift basket filled with wine-related items. Don’t forget party favors! Depending on your budget, you could hand out some wine bottles, some corkscrews or simply a fun souvenir from the winery. Contact different wineries in the area to find out more about what they would charge you to organize a Bachelorette party. It is best to rent the entire winery so you do not have to share the place with other tourists and can get a private tour of the place.

Going To See Your Favorite Musician Could Be A Great Idea For Your Bachelorette Party

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Does the bride to be enjoy live music? You should try finding a good concert or a music festival in your area. Going to a concert or a festival as a group could be a lot of fun as long as you organize things in advance. Scout the location before the party so you can find a few bars or restaurants where you could stop by before or after the concert. Live entertainment is a great way to create a fun atmosphere for the party. If you are going to a small concert or festival, try contacting the organisation behind the event in advance to see if the artists could quickly mention the name of the bride to be, or even better, hand her a fun gift. There are many fun party favors the guests will be able to use at a concert or music festival. Don’t forget to give them a CD of the band you saw so they can remember this exceptional night. Book a banquet room in a bar or a restaurant so you can have a nice meal and some drinks after the concert or festival. Wait until you are at the bar or restaurant to open gifts.

Oooh! A Spa Day Is Always a Very Good Idea

How about a spa day? Spending a nice relaxing day at the spa could be a great way for the bride to take a break from all the stress of the wedding preparation. A quiet day at the spa is a great choice for the Bachelorette party if the bride to be would not enjoy having her party in a crowded and noisy place like a music festival. You can add a healthy dose of entertainment to your day at the spa by finding a casino that offers a spa and some live shows. You could for instance go see a comedian at the end of your day at the spa.
The Bachelorette party you plan will be a success as long as you pick activities that the bride and her friends will enjoy. Don’t forget to find some fun party favors and souvenirs you can hand out to everyone and make sure you visit the places where you want to have the party in advance to make sure everything is perfect.

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