Ten Innovative Bachelorette Party Ideas

Ten Innovative Bachelorette Party Ideas
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Bachelorette parties began to be made popular by women in the sixties and as the years have gone by have really up their pizzazz. Many people are under the impression that a bachelorette party is a liquor infused fest full of drunken rituals and although and maybe unfortunately this is what many end up being a great bachelorette party should be all about the bride celebrating this great occasion with her closest friends so why not make it all about her individual interests and desires.

DIY Hen PartyHere are a few bachelorette party ideas for the modern bride:

1. If She Loves Nature

For the bride who loves all things nature glamping is the ideal bachelorette party idea. Plan a weekend get away with the girls in a classy, glamorous and chic cabin or chalet. There are many mountain or forest retreats that offer not only top of the line accommodations but also 5 star dining so that roasting hot dogs and marshmallows is a fun option, not your only choice. Live it up out in nature to celebrate her upcoming event.

2. If Jet-setting Is Her Thing

If your bride to be enjoys travelling from one fashionable location to the next then how about bouncing around from one fun spot to the next. Among the very popular A-list locations we have of course Telluride, USA, Gstaad, Switzerland, Miami, USA, St. Barts in the Caribbean,
Wakaya, Fiji, the Goldeneye Resort in Jamaica, Sveti Stefan, Montenegro, Ibiza, Spain, Còte d’Azur, France and of course The Hamptons in the USA. The list of location you can jet-set with your jet-setter bachelorette is endless.

3. If Wine Does it For Her

Not every bride to be wants to be thrown into a smoky bar or crowded club and down cocktails during her bachelorette party and maybe a relaxing sampling of wine is more her style so why not plan a wine tour? There are many upscale and fun winery tours to be taken from the Leelanau Peninsula, N. Michigan to Long Island in NY and of course the lovely vintages in Napa Valley, make her bachelorette experience a more posh one. Plan your comfy transportation, stops and even dinner at actual vineyards where the pairing can be done perfectly. If she likes to get down and dirty look for a winery such as the Grgich Hills Estate located in Rutherford, CA which actually allow you to participate in the stomping of the grapes.

4. For The DIY Gal

From lingerie making to what to expect on your honeymoon classes the DIY kinda bride will love to have a more hands on kind of party. You can have a lingerie party in which sequins, beads or other embellishments can be added or go all out and everyone makes there own lingerie from scratch. There are also instructors that will come over and give you a “class” on how to well, you know…ask around at your local adult store and they may point you in the right direction.

5. For the Bride Who Enjoys Relaxation

As mentioned above not every bride to be want to wild it up before her big day, maybe she just wants some time of relaxation and pampering. Maybe she has a favorite spa she would enjoy spending the day at or even better maybe they will come to her so she does not have leave the comfort of her abode. Make it even better by prepping her place up as relaxing as possible and even having caterers tend to her every food and beverage whim as she relaxes.

Planning a Party on a Budget6. For the Thrill-Seeker

If your bride to be enjoys a good thrill then there is nothing more thrilling than a zip down the zip line, some parasailing or maybe a bit of bungy jumping may be just perfect for her if you want it a bit more low key than a trapeze class is a great option. This is a great time to bond and have those around your bride enjoy something adventurous and new

7. Keeping it in Budget Bride

It may sound a bit old fashioned but if you want to relax and not over do it on the budget a traditional sleepover can be a blast. A relaxing evening filled with movies offering the best eye-candy, junk food galore, adult drinking games such as truth or dare or even the dreaded Ouija board could make an appearance. Keep it old school yet fun and relaxing.

8. For the Bride Who Enjoys Fitness

For the bride who loves all things fitness why not sign the gals up for a wellness retreat. There are many options out there that offer lively exercise routines throughout your stay as well as spa treatments, time lounging at the beach and gourmet healthy meal options to keep your energy levels high. If you want to do something more local well there is also the Color Run which is a nationwide, 5k run in which you have to show up dressed in white. As you complete each mile you are sprayed down with color dust, don’t worry it is 100% safe, no allergic reactions at the end the only end result is you and your gals colored from head to toe by a variety of hues. Now that there makes for a beautiful bachelorette party photo and memories to last a lifetime.

9. For the Unconventional Bride

If your bride likes to step on the wild side and try the off the wall or unconventional then maybe a music fest, a spy class or a real life game of spies which includes maps, gadgets and costumes can be quite a thrill. Maybe some hand combat 101, the mixologies behind a martini, and some deception detection to prep her for marriage can be loads of fun.

10. For the Seafaring Gal

If it is the water she loves then a day of seafaring is an excellent option from river rafting, speed boating, or a day out on a deluxe yacht the options are endless. This is a great option if you are looking for a little natural color before the big day. Some perfectly timed and properly made beverages are an excellent combination and make for great bachelorette conversation while enjoying the water.

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  1. Just wondering what do you think about trips to Vegas for a bachelorette party? Are there fun things to do there? I ask because it feels as though it is a tourist trap to me!


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