Planning an Event to Remember

Planning an Event to Remember
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Spoiling your bachelorette party is not an option and you do not want a lack of preparation to ruin things, so planning the special event is of the most importance, and yet does not have to be difficult.


Staying organized, What is the best way?


The key to a successful gathering is using great bachelorette party ideas and also utilizing a lot of organization too. One of the best ways to do the organization is by creating a checklist of everything planned plus a timeline of the required events and items that need to be done. This is the first and number one thing to do to keep the planning going smoothly and right on track.

Event Planning IdeasThis is a typical event for the bride-to-be and her girlfriends, just as the bachelor party is the event for the groom and his buddies. Sometimes the parties involve strippers, yet nowadays there is more creativity involved in the planning that lead to a much more engaging event thanks to all the sorts of bachelorette games, kits, and supplies available. Because of such supplies the organizing and planning do not have to be overwhelming and / or daunting.

There are some good rules to follow before venturing directly into planning the event and this is to understand the likes and dislikes of the bachelorette. Make a list of questions you must ask her so you are sure you are not going to upset her. Remember that some people do not like surprises so find that out from her first.  If she is ok with a surprise then you might want to discuss these ideas with more of her close friends or the groom.

If the bride to be has informed you that it is ok to surprise her there are still some good rules to consider first before planning this as well. Yes I am sure you do know the bride to be most likely very well if you are the one doing the planning but do reflect upon the notion that the bachelorette may not have the same boundaries as you do. It is best to side with caution here because she may be put into a position of discomfort if explicit gifts are given to her in front of a mixed group of people. Yet again if you do find out beforehand with the bride-to-be that these kind of surprises are ok, then so be it, and from that point forward you can plan a very exciting and fun event.

Never fear. Planning a bachelorette social gathering isn’t as hard as it might seem.

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Other Bachelorette Party Tips


Remember that this time is for your friend not You!

Wild or Mild Bachelorette?

Mild or wild is the next item to decide up for the event. Keep the bride’s tastes in mind when choosing things for the gathering and while it may be hilarious for you and her friends to put the bachelorette out of her comfort zone the end result of the night may not end up that way for anyone if the bride-to-be is embarrassed and unhappy. You must respect your friend so you can create a time that is the best for everyone.

Invite or Not Invite the Mother’s

There is certainly no steadfast rule here, but only one of courtesy and the general rule is if the bachelorette would like her mother to come then it is alright to invite the groom’s mother as well.  This is best added to your list of questions to ask the bride-to-be well before hand.

For a compromise to the situation that may be better suited for the two mothers and the bride is to create a two part event, one where the mothers join everyone for dinner before the girls go out and party hard.

At what point do you send out the invitations?

Ideally the event should take place when the bachelorette actually needs some stress relief. Remember that planning her wedding is taking all of her time and with adding everything else in life to the list it is a hard time. Definitely an ideal time is about two weeks before the scheduled wedding day, just check to make sure this is appropriate to the bride and also if anyone is traveling as well to come to the event. Also try to schedule the event at a time when the bride has a free day on the day following so she can have fun all night and then be able to rest the next day.

Sending out the invitations about one month before the date of the event is about the best time, and then have those who were invited to RSVP so you can make all the final plans long before the date of the event.

The rules of Alcohol

Of course this depends on each so there is no rule here that is for everyone.

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Bridesmaid Responsibilities


Planning and organization of the social gathering is just one responsibility of the bridesmaid. She is also responsible for the bride-to-be’s well being on the big night out.  It could be a fine line when to end  the fun when the bachelorette starts to get drunk and may get a bit out of control. Yet this is an important responsibility as the bridesmaid does not want an upset friend if you let the bride go too far. Maybe it would be best here to also discuss this situation when asking those other questions we suggest you put on the list.}

So if your preplanning and question asking was all done correctly beforehand, I am pretty sure the bachelorette party that you plan out will end with huge success and great memories as well.  Just remember all the good bachelorette party ideas, and bring along all the games, gifts and kits  for a fun time filled with much laughter.

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