Best Alcoholic Beverages Served At A Bachelorette Party

Best Alcoholic Beverages Served At A Bachelorette Party
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The ladies are entitled to a little fun at a bachelorette party. These parties usually include the women in the wedding party and perhaps some other very close family members and friends. These parties can be simple or complex, but they usually feature a bit of alcohol.

Consider Alcoholic Beverages Best Served At A Bachelorette Party

What are some drinks that most women will enjoy? Of course, women have a variety of choices. You should also consider serving some good non-alcoholic drinks in case any of the ladies do not care to consume liquor. The choices might also depend upon your location. Some drinks are favored in different parts of the world.

— Wine and champagne: The safest choice is probably to offer wine for your guests. Even women who say the rarely drink will usually enjoy a glass of wine. You might save the champagne for a final toast at the end of the party.

— Margaritas: This south-of-the-border favorite is popular all over the U.S. these days. The traditional drink uses limes or lemon juice, tequila, and orange liquor. Some people like the rimes of their glasses salted too. These days, there are variations on the lemon/lime traditional drink. You can make your margaritas with a variety of fruit juices.

Mimosas: These are very simple to make, light, and they can conserve your champagne supply. You also do not have to worry about buying expensive sparkling wine because it will be diluted by juice anyway. These are traditionally breakfast or after-party drinks, but they are appropriate for an evening party with desserts or appetizers too.

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They are usually made with one part sparkling wine or champagne and one part citrus juice. A similar drink is made with one part of sparkling wine and two parts of citrus juice, and it can conserve your champagne supply even more.

They are typically made with orange juice, but sometimes grapefruit juice is also used. A little grenadine, cherry, or orange slice makes a nice garnish.

Connie’s Lemonade: This is a stronger punch, but it seems to be popular with ladies who do not care for the strong taste of alcohol.

— 1 Quart of Gin
— 6 quarts of citrus soda like Sprite or 7-up
— Ice
— A pint of sherbet adds a nice touch

Simply mix the ingredients in a large punch bowl. The sherbert should keep the punch cold, but you can also add ice. If you can set the punch bowl on top of a bowl of ice, it should also stay cold longer. This drink mostly has a fruity taste, but it can also pack a strong punch.

Coffee Drinks: Coffee, chocolate liquor, or cream liquors are perfect complements to a dessert party. Brew up some coffee as a mixer. Also set out some whipped cream. If any of your guests do not care for coffee, colas or hot chocolate are good substitutes. This might be a great drink to serve before the guests leave the party too.

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