6 of the Top Rated Bachelorette Party Products for 2017

6 of the Top Rated Bachelorette Party Products for 2017
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party veilWhen organizing a bachelorette party, there are many considerations to keep in mind in order to pull off a memorable event that the bride to be can look back on with the fondest memories. Below are six of the best party products rated for the year 2014.

1.Pink Bride ( Gift Set)

For a pretty bride to be this set contains bright pink colors with all the accessories to make the bachelorette stand out at the party. This set includes the following items:

  • A pink colored Tiara that has a “bride to be” sign on
  • White and pink feather Boa
  • A pink sash made out of satin with “bride to be” sign
  • Pink ring that lights up
  • Container of glassy pink with a ribbon for a handle

2.Black Bachelorette ( Party Favor)

This set contains bold and striking colors to help your bride to be stand out in a fun and funky way:

  • Pink ring that lights up
  • Silver, hot pink and black beaded necklaces
  • “ Bachelorette Party” white and black swirl lollipop

3.Bachelorette Party 35pc Game Kit

The kit includes five games at an affordable price; the games are guaranteed to supply fun and entertainment for the entire event. The set contains the following:

  • 35 Pieces
  • 5 Games
  • 6 Spinners used for dares
  • 8 Sheets for scavenger hunts
  • 12 game tickets for scratch and dare
  • 8 cards used for scoring

4.Getting Married Pail

This party favor is great to add a fun way for the bachelorette to enjoy her night performing tricks and tasks and enjoying drinks and games. The pail contains party essentials including the following items:

  • Necklace with a martini shot glass
  • Brides Pen
  • Lip balm
  • “Getting Married” Mint Tin for collecting donations

5.Party Buttons ( Set of 8)

party balloonsThese fun buttons provide a way for each guest to get involved with the bachelorette party. The buttons can be chosen by the guests on which saying suits them best and fun games and dares can be added in for extra fun. The buttons are small gifts that the guests can take home with them to remember the fun and entertainment of the event. Depending on the amount of guests will determine the amount of sets needed. The set contains 8 buttons and are for each guest at the party:

  • 8 Bachelorette buttons
  • ¾ diameters
  • White and pink colors
  • The buttons include these sayings: Frisky, Too Hot, Flirt, Lucky, Wild and Bad Girl

6.Autograph Frame for the Bachelorette

This wonderful gift can be given to the bachelorette and can be a cherished memory of the exciting fun of the evening. Each guest can leave a short message or words of advice or wisdom on the frame and a picture of all the ladies can be placed into the frame. Photographs are a fantastic way for the bachelorette to remember the good times had with all her closest friends just before the big day.


  • Autograph frame
  • One pen
  • Blue, white and pink accents along with glitter details

These fun and classy party products for 2014 can really make a bachelorette special and eventful. The products are affordable and are aimed at providing fun and entertainment for any type of bachelorette party.

These essential and fun items are available online and the organiser can browse through all the available options that will assist in planning the perfect party from table decorations, banners, t-shirts and trinkets for the bride to be and all her closest and dearest friends. It is always advisable to plan the party in advance and a online party site can provide every item required for a successful and fun evening.

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