5 Unconventional Bachelorette Party Ideas

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cowgirl theme bachelorette party

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A bachelorette party doesn’t have to center around bar crawls and penis paraphernalia all the time. You don’t need to fit that stereo-typical image since there are more exciting things to do, in order to make your dwindling days as a single girl unforgettable. In fact, there are numerous meaningful activities that are specially tailored to the personality of the bride-to-be.
Contemporary brides are taking their cues from the guys. The girls are throwing bachelorette parties that permit them to cut loose and enjoy for one last time before the arrival of that big day. Most of the brides-to-be are not eager in heading to a nightclub to party till dawn. Most of them want something unique and unconventional. There are so many unique bachelorette party ideas out there. This article highlights 5 of the most unconventional and awesome bachelorette party ideas.

1. The Wine Country Bachelorette Party

Let’s face it – all women don’t like to booze until dawn in a stupid nightclub. If your bride-to-be don’t like the hustle and bustle in the city, you can offer her something slightly more sophisticated. Skip the cheap liquor and loud nightclubs in town, and head to a local vineyard for a great alternative to the regular nightclub. There are many vineyards that love to create a highly customized experience for the bride-to-be. The main activities of these parties include tours, demonstrations and most importantly, wine tasting. You can also choose a vineyard that provides a full lunch out on the ground. Allow the bride-to-be to decide how the group should be dressed. It is best to hire a party bus or limo so that no one will have to drive, and all can enjoy the trip. The bride-to-be can pick up a few bottles of exotic wines to share with her hubby-to-be.

2. The Glamor Shots Party

Costumes always take center-stage at most of the bachelorette parties. Feather boas, oversized sunglasses, wedding veils and pink wigs are too common these days. Instead, go for something more bold and elaborate. Consider having the bachelorette party at a professional portrait studio. You will find plenty of themes to choose from for this purpose. Cowgirls, the 1980s Madonna looks and lady pirates are some of the uncommon themes for you to choose from. Have a great photo shoot in different costumes.

3. Consider A Dinner Cruise

The Finger Lakes are a unique bachelorette destination for a bride-to-be. It is an exotic party destination for a bachelorette. The Finger Lakes consist of eleven pristine lakes spread through Central New York. With world-class vineyards and farm-to-table restaurants along the way, this cruise will provide an unforgettable day to the bride-to-be. Reserve your cruise on the Esperanza Rose, a 65-foot vintage wooden ship which sails from Keuka Lake. They offer a great sightseeing excursion with lunch and dinner served onboard the cruise.

4. Go Camping

Why does a bachelorette have to be in a fancy night club, drinking all night long? Instead, choose to be with nature. Pack your bags, and go camping with some of your close friends, who have prior experience in camping. It is one of the best excursions to relax your mind and body before the arrival of your big day. Being together with nature will help relive all the stress and anxiety that have been building up inside you.

Image courtesy of koratmember at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image courtesy of koratmember at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

5. Get Wet And Wild

You can make the bride-to-be’s send-off from single life a heart-pumping adventure by organizing a whitewater rafting trip. This kind of activity is best if the bride-to-be has an outgoing type of personality. There are many service providers in major cities, who will arrange such bachelorette adventures with post-rafting barbecues. If you have more than 8 people in your crew, the bride-to-be is accepted free of charge. Make her bachelorette party memorable with this type of heart-pumping adventure trips.
In conclusion, bachelorette parties have changed so much from the traditional party ideas that center around bar crawls and penis straws. Contemporary bachelorette parties consist of so many unique and unconventional themes. This article highlights five of the most unconventional and awesome bachelorette party ideas for you. Make your dwindling days as a single girl quite unforgettable with these bachelorette party ideas.

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