5 of the Top Bachelorette Party Destinations in Europe

5 of the Top Bachelorette Party Destinations in Europe
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european bachelorette party destinations

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Are you trying to plan for the best bachelorette party ever? Put on that thinking cap and read on to get more bachelorette party ideas. Instead of just going to another city or state, why don’t you make it extra special? Ask the girls to pack their bags and have that hen party in Europe!

Why should anyone think about going to Europe? Why wouldn’t anyone? Choose to go to Europe with the girls to make the celebration extra special and totally unforgettable. What is a bachelorette or hen party? Both terms refer to the same celebration. Though in the United Kingdom and other European countries, the term “hen” is used.

To start planning for that party, here are five of the top party destinations in Europe. Choose a location to get started. The bride-to-be’s dream party is just a cheap flight away!


This year’s European Capital of Culture, Riga, the capital city of Latvia can be the ultimate destination for celebrating any bride-to-be’s last night of freedom! As the European Capital of Culture for 2014, expect a series of cultural events to take place in this city within the year.

Make the whole celebration a lot more special by participating in the city’s festivities. To add to all of that, a pint of beer is not that expensive in this city. It truly is one of the best destinations for those that simply wish for a night of drinking and partying in a place where no one really knows them.


Known for being one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, Budapest, the capital city of Hungary, is also one of the best party destinations in Europe not just for its beauty. The city is also known as the Capital of Festivals and the Capital of Spas and Thermal Baths.

Is the celebrant wishing for the ultimate spa getaway? Budapest is the best location for that with its 80 geothermal springs and the world’s largest thermal water cave system. Due to Turkish influence, there have been medicinal and thermal baths in this city since the Middle Ages. One of those would be Rudas Bath which continues to be one of the most popular ones to date.


Pivo Praha! A beer drinker’s mecca, Prague, the capital city of the Czech Republic is also among the top bachelorette party locations in Europe. Perfect for those on a budget, staying, drinking, and partying in this city is not really as expensive as partying in other European cities.

Throughout the year, cultural events are held in this city which is also why Prague came to be known as one of the cultural centers of Europe. The Czech Beer Festival, held for 17 days in May, gets this city a lot of tourists each year. Spend at least a weekend in this city to marvel at its beauty and enjoy famous Czech beers and cuisine.


Plan for a party in sunny Spain and enjoy the weather, blue sky, beach, and hot Spanish men in Barcelona or “Barca.” Barca is a great alternative for bride-to-be’s that long for an awesome spa experience at a shopper’s paradise.

As the largest metropolis in the Mediterranean Sea, Barca is one of the best places to experience the best of both worlds. Its location makes the beach accessible and, at the same time, as a major city, it offers its visitors the big city experience as well.


More than just a Sin City, Amsterdam has so much more to offer than its notorious De Wallen or Red Light District. Though, of course, anyone that wants to have a wild night out can definitely have that sort of night in this city. The whole group can just as easily have a great time staying away from that part of the city.

Amsterdam is quite beautiful with its own world famous UNESCO World Heritage Sites to visit. As a center of culture, there are concert halls, galleries, and museums to visit as well. Bride-to-be’s that have an appreciation for culture, history, and the arts will definitely have a great time exploring this city.

Those are just five of the most popular bachelorette or hen party destinations in Europe for different reasons according to Henit. Now, just pick one and start planning for an awesome bachelorette party in Europe.

Sabrina Mable is an author and recognized authority on planning hen parties. She currently works for www.Henit.ie and specializes in creating hen party packages for fun and memorable hen parties in Ireland. She has succumbed and joined the world of social media. Find her on Twitter & Google+.

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