5 Great Accessories For A Bachelorette Bar Crawl

5 Great Accessories For A Bachelorette Bar Crawl
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No bachelorette celebration is complete without all the right party supplies! So you want to make sure you have everything ready beforehand. A Bachelorette party of any stripe is a once-in-a-lifetime event, so don’t be afraid to exceed everyone’s expectations. If you’ve decided that a mobile “Bar Crawl” is going to be how you celebrate, try not to buy anything that’s unnecessary and can’t be easily carried along. To help you figure out just what Bachelorette party accessories you must have, we’ve compiled the great list below.

shot glass wedding ring#1 – Bachelorette Party Veils and Tiaras!
What bride to be doesn’t love tiara’s and veils! This is probably the most indispensable item for your celebration, and since your the party planner it’s up to you to make sure you deliver! Other options include sparkly party hats or silly wigs to keep things lively!

#2. Naughty Party Favors!
This can be anything from sexy lingerie, male blow up dolls, x-rated candies, and naughty shaped party favors. These items can be fun to poke fun yourselves and the bride-to-be! Try not to harass other bar patrons too much with the favors! Party favors also make great prizes for drinking games and can turn a dull party into an offbeat good time.

#3. Disposable Cameras
Even in today’s digital world disposable camera’s are a great addition to the party. This way you can rest assured that every silly moment will be captured on film! So hand out the camera’s right when your bar crawl starts. Don’t worry people will definitely loosen up later. You can then use some of the pictures to make a scrapbook for the bride later!

#4. Create an itinerary!
It’s very important that your group of merry-makers know what bars you’re going to in what order. So be sure to include a rough schedule when you send out the invite. That way others can join later, if they have earlier plans. It might also be a good idea to schedule a stop for food along the way!

#5. A Back of Up Plan
Don’t be afraid to skip a bar if it’s not working out. Bars and nightclubs can sometimes be random in the type of crowds they draw on a given night. So don’t be afraid to call it quits if things don’t seem quite right. Make sure your smart phone is charged, and have a few back-up bars ready to travel to if needed.

Chances are you planned ahead and have appropriate transportation for everyone involved in your bar crawl. If it’s within your budget “party buses” or limos can be rented to safely drive you and your guests around town. Also be sure that you’ve timed everything accordingly. So don’t be afraid to start early. Picking as start-time just before dinner is insurance that you’ll pause for a few hours to eat! Also starting a little early means you’ll be able to hit most of the bars before they are chock-full of regulars. Expect our bar crawl to last somewhere between 5 to 6 hours. This will insure everyone has a good time, without staying out much too late. Your driver will also be thankful!

Remember, throwing a fun bachelorette bar crawl doesn’t have to be stressful. However, as the party organizer you will be the one keeping an eye on things! In the end, everyone just wants to have a good time and celebrate a joyful occasion.


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